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About Us

About Lafontaine:  

Founded in 1989, Lafontaine began as a physical store in historic downtown Whitby, Ontario, Canada.  Three sisters came together to create the only store in the city featuring unique clothing, jewelry, accessories and gifts.  Lafontaine quickly built their brand with a foundation of quality pieces that were always ahead of the trends.  Building loyal clientele from the Durham Region and greater Toronto area, Lafontaine became one of the only places where savvy shoppers searching for a reflection of their own style not found in department stores or fast fashion stores, would shop.   

After closing the physical location in 2019, and having transitioned online, Lafontaine aims to bring the 30+ years of experience and love of fashion and style to new and existing clients.  Focusing on making our clients look and feel great, we bring quality, style, and an eye for the different to those looking to be confident and stand out, in their own way. 

We hope you love our curated collections. 



I’ve always been fascinated by how clothing can positively affect someone’s well-being. 30 years of helping people face to face has strengthened that belief. 


I see design and beauty in everything and everyone.  I love discovering clothes that are unique and give confidence to the wearer. 


Each of us has our own uniqueness and I love how fashion and décor allow for that full expression.  I’m happy to be part of helping others find things that speak to their essence.