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Most companies ignore women 35+ years of age and older

As you may be aware, we have been focused on rebranding and restocking our online store. Part of the effort includes learning more about online and social media marketing, which has lead me to do a lot of reading.

I turn 40 years old next year and apparently, according to the inter-web, I’m “middle aged”. The demographic title doesn’t really bother me as I love my age and what I'm doing with my life. However, what is obvious in the reading is most companies don’t really care about marketing specifically to my age group and older. This is despite the spending power of women this age, our independence and overall fabulousness!!

Even when buying at one of our agencies a few weeks ago, the word “missy” came up to describe women my age. The word feels offensive and a far cry from what women my age and beyond, look, dress, feel like and have the power to do!! Many of us make all of the spending decisions in our household, we know who we are, and if we don't, we're almost there. We are living our lives, independent of labels and I absolutely love it!! What an amazing place to be!

My desire is Lafontaine provides you all with options that transcend age and labels and brings out the best in you. Dressing for your own self and essence. We hope our choices reflect how you want to show off how amazing you are to the world!!

Cheers to that!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


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